Low added-value tasks are automated so that employees can focus on customer retention.

A dissatisfied customer whose request is handled efficiently becomes a loyal customer, sometimes even an ambassador. In order to achieve this, your customer service needs a reliable tool.

In the digital age, customer service teams are faced with new challenges: managing many types of customer interactions (requests, complaints, after-sales service, etc.) coming in through multiple contact channels, including social CRM, and having to integrate them into a unified customer relationship.

Choose Efficy’s CRM customer service solutions. You will improve the management of complaints and requests, harmonise your communication with your customers, build a reliable customer knowledge base, etc.

The challenges of a CRM solution for customer service

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    Managing multi-channel flows

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    Personalising the customer relationship

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    Measuring and analysing customer service performance

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    Converting your Customer Service into a new channel for sales

Manage a multiplicity of channels

Phone, email, social networks, letters, etc. – whatever the contact channel, Efficy’s Customer Relationship Management software automatically reroutes the request to the available appropriate agent to handle it.

The benefits of a multi-channel CRM solution:

  • Offering a unified response to customers, whatever the channel
  • Building an enriched customer database
  • Learning valuable insights from the customer journey

Personalise the customer relationship

Because each customer is unique and every single one of them needs to maintain this feeling, our CRM solutions aggregate the entire history of the relationship between the customer and the brand. As a result, the customer service operator can access all available data on a given customer, his or her history and past interactions with the brand, and can personalise this relationship.

When used internally or via an extranet, our CRM solutions for customer service include a knowledge base:

  • a unified and shared knowledge base,
  • the possibility to store multimedia elements easily (texts, photos, PDF files or Office, voice recordings, videos, etc.)
  • an open and collaborative system
  • a 360° view of each customers.

Managing social networks

Our Customer service CRM solutions manage customer requests sent from social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) the same way as it does for any other channel.

The CRM software lets you see the messages and respond directly, either via DM or publicly.

Efficy CRM tracks and identifies customer complaints about your brand posted on digital platforms, even if they are not sent to you directly.

Analyse, measure and improve

Efficy CRM is capable of identifying recurring issues in order to suggest automatically the corrective actions which need to be implemented. It also analyses response quality and response time according to the category of the request (actor, client, product, range, deadline, etc).


  • Measuring and analysing KPIs to increase customer service efficiency.
  • Monitoring team performance to implement the necessary corrective actions.
  • Detecting blocking points in how agents handle their calls and revising pitches accordingly.

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