Efficy’s CRM solutions, will guarantee your successful transition into the new industrial revolution

Technological revolution, transformation of production processes, ever-shortening supply chains – these are all new developments which are revolutionising the industrial sector.

Alongside this, consumers’ habits are changing, especially as they become increasingly hyperconnected.

The CRM challenges in industry

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    Building customer loyalty
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    Adapting to evolving habits
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    Fostering collaboration
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    Turning your customer service into a new channel for sales

Optimise your customer service to turn it into a complementary sales channel

In all sectors, industry in particular, sound Customer Relationship Management is essential. Managing a complaint from a dissatisfied customer is a crucial step in the customer journey.

Thanks to our CRM solution for industry, you will be able to customise your responses, and process requests swiftly and smoothly. This will enable you to turn satisfied customers into even more loyal customers!

Manage commercial projects for increased profitability

Thanks to Efficy’s CRM solutions for industry, it is easy to prioritise quotation requests.

Thanks to customer scoring features, your sales representatives can focus on strategic business proposals (biggest margin, most important prospect, etc.).

Your sales representatives will also save a lot of time thanks to the integration of Efficy CRM with office automation tools; for example, document templates to launch industrial sales proposals in a few clicks from CRM.

Sharing information for more effective collaboration

In industry, business activities are often managed at the level of project groups. Therefore, it is important that all team members are able to work together, can access the same documents, follow the same deadlines, etc.

Efficy CRM offers a CRM solution tailored to the needs of industry players.

It provides dedicated features to foster collaboration among teams: Project Management module; Document Management System; notifications whenever changes are saved in the database; etc.

Automate processes to focus on business

Automation can be found at all levels in Industry: production, manufacturing, etc.

Why not also in your CRM solution? It will lead to time-saving for all your teams.

All those low-added value and time-consuming tasks are limited to the minimum.

CRM references in the industry

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Are you a small business or a start-up looking to buy ready-to-use customer relationship management software for the first time that will grow with you?
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Are you a small to medium-sized company or a company with a very small business and are you looking for a customizable and easy-to-implement CRM software?
45€ / user / month

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Are you a medium-sized company looking for a complete CRM software, adapted to each department, to centralize all customer knowledge?
60€ / user / month

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Are you a large company or a major account with a CRM project underway? Are you looking for a tailor-made software solution to improve your processes?
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