Automate every customer journey

Our tool for marketing automation creates streamlined workflows between sales and marketing.

Guide your customers toward the next conversion with real-time data from your audience to create personalised and unique customer experiences.

Build stronger customer relationships

Create a great brand impression from your first “hello”. Follow up on their first activity with meaningful messages to strengthen your relationship.

+ Welcome subscriber
Welcome at every stage of the customer journey. Create brand awareness, educate on your offering and guide new audiences closer to conversion.

+ Newsletter signup
Start your relationship off on the right foot with an automated welcome message straight after opt-in.

+ Download follow-up
Turn every resource download into a hot lead with automated follow-up emails that bring them closer to purchase.

Want more in your automated journeys?

Need to include social media, product recommendations, or CRM data in your marketing flows?

We can make it happen.

Tailor each automated journey to your customer’s needs and behaviours

As your customers move in and out of the sales funnel, your messages need to be adjusted.

Our Marketing Automation tool enables you to build unique automated workflows to create engaging and profitable customer relationships.

Key features of the Marketing Automation tool



Activate each journey based on your choice of data for every customer

Events and actions
Trigger automated flows based on purchases, forms, email behaviour, profile activity and more.

Specific dates
Launch campaigns on personal data such as a birthday, anniversary, start date or last day of activity.

Profile attributes
Automatically redirect profiles to another marketing automation flow based on actions and attributes.

Profile Segment data
Automatically remove or add profiles to a flow as the profile enters into a new audience segment.

A marketing platform that scales with your business 

All our plans include access to tech support and to integrations like Shopify, Drupal, and more.

So you can connect your favorite web services and do more with your marketing.

Our plans also come with an unlimited Audience size, so you’ll never have to pay more, no matter how large your database grows.

All the Marketing Tech you need – in one place

Pick the right plan for your brand

Whether you’re just getting started with Email Marketing or trying to personalise every customer journey, there’s a plan for you.

  • Lite

    All the tools you need to build your list and grow your business.

    Starts at
    € 100 /month
    for up to 1000 contacts*

    What’s included in Lite:

    Email Marketing
    Forms & Landing Pages

  • Essential

    Get data-driven insights for more precise targeting and marketing.

    Starts at
    € 210 /month
    for up to 2500 contacts*

    You get everything in Lite, and:

    Marketing Automation
    API Management

  • All-in-One

    Take personalisation to the next-level with our all-in-one solution.

    Starts at
    € 330 /month
    for up to 5000 contacts*

    You get everything in Essentials, and:

    Custom Events tracking
    Website Tool
    +2 Account Users*

*The limit can be increased. Find out more by contacting our digital experts.

Let’s get you automated

Marketing automation offers endless opportunities for customer engagement and business growth.

Want to get more out of your campaigns by doing less?