Grow your business with behavioural targeting

Get to know the people behind the numbers and track the actions that have led to conversions.

Capture consent from your website visitors with our easy-to-implement tool for cookie consent and gather personal data with our GDPR-friendly subscription forms.


Grow your list of engaged subscribers
Set the right expectations for your emails through preference-based sign-up bars. Start your digital marketing journey with a GDPR-compliant and engaging strategy.

Turn your website into a customer data goldmine
Convert your visitors to understand what pages, products, and categories they find interesting. Use these insights to engage customers with personalied content across your marketing channels.

Your website is one of your most important things in your digital marketing toolbox—how well does it support your goals?

Consent, data management, and tracking made easy.

GDPR can be a headache for marketer, but we have simplified the process.

Gain control of personal data with the consent management function in the Efficy Marketing platform.


See how every visitor engages with your brand

See how every web visitor has interacted with your emails, marketing campaign, or website. Track their views, clicks, and actions—or inactions.

When anonymous visitors share personal data, their activities from before will be merged with their verified profile.

This unlocks a bird’s eye view of all their activities across your channels, giving you a holistic understanding of how everyone has engaged with your brand.

Target the right people

Track and target with more precision by segmenting your visitors by the behaviours that matter to your business.

Group audiences by their clicks or views on specific web pages, their order history, or how they interacted with an email campaign.

By segmenting based on behaviours, you cut through the noise to connect with visitors, leads and customers in a more meaningful and relevant manner.


Personalise without the personal effort

Trigger emails, campaigns, or SMS to respond to specific behaviours.

By segmenting audiences based on certain actions, you can automate targeted messages, such as a welcome email to a new subscriber, or an abandoned cart reminder if they left without completing a purchase.

Target the key behaviours you want to respond to using Marketing Automation, and you’ll will always reach your customers when it matters most—without having to personally reach out every time.

Respond to every action—and inaction

Make use of gathered insights from your web visitors to send messages that are relevant to their needs.

Every action or lack thereof is actionable. Make every interaction with your visitors and customers count.

  • Website

    Start a conversation with visitors based on how they interact with your website.

  • Campaign

    Continue the conversation with subscribers when they open, click, or view your emails.

  • Conversion behaviour

    Follow-up with customers post-purchase, -conversion, or after signup.


A marketing platform that scales with your business 

All our plans include access to tech support and to integrations like Shopify, Drupal, and more. So you can connect your favorite web services and do more with your marketing.

Our plans also come with an unlimited Audience size, so you’ll never have to pay more, no matter how large your database grows.

All the Marketing Tech you need – in one place

Pick the right plan for your brand

Whether you’re just getting started with Email Marketing or trying to personalise every customer journey, there’s a plan for you.

  • Lite

    All the tools you need to build your list and grow your business.

    Starts at
    € 100 /month
    for up to 1000 contacts*

    What’s included in Lite:

    Email Marketing
    Forms & Landing Pages

  • Essential

    Get data-driven insights for more precise targeting and marketing.

    Starts at
    € 210 /month
    for up to 2500 contacts*

    You get everything in Lite, and:

    Marketing Automation
    API Management

  • All-in-One

    Take personalisation to the next-level with our all-in-one solution.

    Starts at
    € 330 /month
    for up to 5000 contacts*

    You get everything in Essentials, and:

    Custom Events tracking
    Website Tool
    +2 Account Users*

*The limit can be increased. Find out more by contacting our digital experts.

Start data-driven conversations with your customers

Collect and use make use of data to send messages that are relevant to the needs of your customers.

See our Website tool in action, book a demo.