Master your data and develop your collaborative work!

From prospecting to invoicing of licenses and services, through deployment and production, all departments are involved in the proper execution of a project. The growth of the company depends on optimized interactions between each of them.

To deliver quality service and manage resources efficiently, it is imperative that Digital Service Companies (DSCs) master their data and develop collaborative work. The implementation of a single business information system, offering a cross-functional view of activities, has become a major challenge.

Your Customer Relationship Challenges for Digital Services Companies

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    Optimize project profitability
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    Manage project teams
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    Prospecting for new customers

360° management of your company

To increase their sales and optimize their profitability, digital service companies (publishers, integrators, IT services companies, consulting and engineering firms, etc.) are looking for operational efficiency. With our 360° CRM – ERP management software for IT services companies, you choose a GLOBAL business solution to free up and manage your growth.
IT services companies can easily manage their customer’s assets. Global management of assets: licenses, equipment… Global management of contracts: assistance, maintenance, guarantees… Alerting: end of contract, renewal… Recurring invoicing.

Prospect for new customers to accelerate your sales

Thanks to the 360° vision, sales representatives control all customer interactions. Your sales representatives create and send their quotes from INES. Their CRM automatically alerts them. They manage their portfolios via their pipeline & forecast visions to optimize their business management. They sign more contracts and reach their objectives.

Create and manage customized projects

Create your own custom project, from a sample project or from your estimate. Thanks to the planning functions (GANTT) of the management software for ISS and ESN, you control schedules, teams and projects. You respect your commitments. You efficiently staff each employee. You reduce your inter-contract resources. You measure the staffing rate of each consultant. You optimize your project profitability. You monitor the progress of your projects in real time and benefit from simple and powerful tools to have a global vision of your activity and build your reports. Planning, task allocation, team composition… Managing your projects has never been so easy!

Follow the production for a fast and controlled invoicing

You master projects on a contract or fixed price basis. You manage purchasing and production to measure the profitability of each project. Project management and ERP are one and the same. You validate the time of your collaborators and invoice partially or globally your services. You know what has been produced and what has been invoiced.

Simplify your decision making

You have an extensive library of reports and dashboards. You can manage your entire company: sales, marketing, projects, customer service, sales management. Thanks to the consolidation of your data, you can optimize your decision-making.

Integrate your sales management with your CRM

Thanks to Efficy you can manage your business from a single solution. You optimize your commercial management. You edit your quotes, you invoice, you deliver, you manage your stocks and your cash flow. You have complete control over your process and you simply follow the steps: quote, order, invoice, credit note.

Your ERP for service company is synchronized with the majority of accounting and financial solutions: Sage Line 30 / 100 / 1000 – Cegid Yourcegid finance – Quadratus – EBP – Ciel …

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Are you a small business or a start-up looking to buy ready-to-use customer relationship management software for the first time that will grow with you?
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Are you a small to medium-sized company or a company with a very small business and are you looking for a customizable and easy-to-implement CRM software?
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Are you a medium-sized company looking for a complete CRM software, adapted to each department, to centralize all customer knowledge?
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Are you a large company or a major account with a CRM project underway? Are you looking for a tailor-made software solution to improve your processes?
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