CRM / PROJECT / ERP: your entire customer cycle in a single solution

In the highly competitive world of agencies, commercial responsiveness is essential. Then comes the quality of the services delivered and the quality of the relationship to engage the customers on the very long term.

All of the agency’s departments must be customer-oriented. They must interact to build a 360° vision and thus establish a personalized relationship with customers that is based on trust and complicity.

Efficy CRM allows each employee to have access to, contribute to and share customer data in order to become an actor in their satisfaction and recommendation.

Customer relations issues for agencies

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    360º vision
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    Targeted and personalized communication
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    Optimization of consultant staffing
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    Management of deadlines and commitments

Target your customers and personalize your communications

The CRM for agencies centralizes all your data and allows you to effectively segment your database. You can easily differentiate the types of contacts and their behavior. You personalize your offers. You program and send your newsletters. You track their opening and clicks. You carry out new actions according to the detected needs. Manage your webinar and event registrations.

Increase your performance and evaluate your results

Thanks to alerts and BPM, you can automate contact and reminders. Sales representatives have access to all the history and pathways of their prospects and customers, they personalize their approach and quickly produce their quotes. They manage their pipeline and their forecast. You control the portfolios of your sales representatives in real time. You have a perfect view of the leads received, the business won, lost, their value, the actions taken and the turnover generated.

Deliver your projects and keep your commitments

The Efficy solution offers a CRM, ERP and PROJECT tool all in one. Business is directly linked to production. You are alerted each time a new project is signed in order to optimize the staffing of your consultants. You control schedules, teams, budgets and risks. You follow the progress of your projects thanks to the GANTT functionalities. You respect deadlines and commitments.

Deliver a customized service

The CRM for agencies alerts when a contract expires and summarizes the services used. Agencies offer the best service to their clients because they anticipate their needs. Your consultants help their clients evolve. You make additional sales and build loyalty.

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Are you a small business or a start-up looking to buy ready-to-use customer relationship management software for the first time that will grow with you?
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Are you a small to medium-sized company or a company with a very small business and are you looking for a customizable and easy-to-implement CRM software?
45€ / user / month

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Are you a medium-sized company looking for a complete CRM software, adapted to each department, to centralize all customer knowledge?
60€ / user / month

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Are you a large company or a major account with a CRM project underway? Are you looking for a tailor-made software solution to improve your processes?
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