CRM solution: the cornerstone of your business activity

With Efficy’s CRM solutions you can monitor all your sales opportunities. From the moment a prospect is identified, the CRM solution enables you to determine its needs, build the offer accordingly, define the elements of the project (steps of the sales cycle, identify key stakeholders, build a project team, etc.), and manage the process all the way through to the s signing the deal.

By accessing all past and scheduled interactions linked to the opportunity, the sales representative in charge can get a better understanding of the context and schedule tasks or interactions, such as reminders after sending a quote for example. Some automation features enable users to plan a series of actions based on the status of the opportunity: internal validation, sales administration, reminders, feasibility, etc.


The quote: a crucial step

With Efficy CRM, users can issue a quotation directly from the CRM solution with just a few clicks. From the moment the opportunity is detected, sales representatives can create a quote by selecting the products and quantities.

Because the quoting interface is linked to the product catalogues, the company can be sure it will always have a consistent commercial policy.

With this feature, users can calculate the total amount of the quote based on the public price of each product but also based on the applicable pricing conditions defined by the marketing team.

Document management features

Thanks to the advanced document management features, our CRM solution also enables users to link files to their opportunities so as to ensure optimal management and sharing:  the quote, the contract, or any other document.

Competitive intelligence for each opportunity

Users can link one or several competitors to an opportunity to see who is positioned on the same deal. Sales teams can also view ongoing or past opportunities against these competitors.

The Marketing department can further use this information for competitive intelligence purposes.