Optimal time management with the CRM calendar

Having a CRM solution which is synchronised with your calendar is a much-appreciated feature, especially by sales teams. They are able to link their sales and commercial prospecting actions directly to data in the CRM.

Whether they are scheduling an appointment with a company, a contact, or on an opportunity, it only takes a couple of clicks to make the link.

This is true also for marketers, for customer service agents or for management, who will all also benefit from this time-saving.

All the information is available at a glance.


Calendar synchronisation: a major building block of collaborative work

When scheduling an appointment, users can invite another actor from the CRM. In order to facilitate this, Efficy CRM enables users to check other actors’ availability.

When users view the calendar, they can see the availability, week after week, of the different actors concerned by the appointment and choose the slot which is best for everyone. The strength of this feature resides in the fact that you can see people’s availability without, however, seeing the details of their calendar.

Of course, all these appointments can be edited at any time. You can add a description, an agenda, an attachment, etc. All these elements are then shared with all the participants.

A calendar which is open to the outside

As you would with your Outlook, Lotus Notes or Google Calendar, you can invite people from outside your organisation.

An email is sent to them and you are notified when they accept or decline the appointment.

Two-way synchronisation

Calendar synchronisation works both ways. If an employee schedules an appointment in his or her Outlook calendar, the appointment automatically shows up in the CRM calendar, and vice versa. When they schedule an appointment in the CRM solution, it will appear in their Outlook calendar.

Does your company work with Lotus Notes? No problem, synchronisation is also available for this messaging system.

Does your business use Google Calendar? No problem! Efficy adapts to the tools you already have.