Campaign automation: a competitive advantage

Today, customers and consumers expect brands to offer them a privileged relationship.

They want the right information at the right time.

However, not all customers want the same information at the same time, nor do they share the same expectations about your products.

Campaign automation enables you to offer the appropriate response to each individual customer.

Multiply campaigns to stay efficient

With automated marketing campaigns, your Marketing departments can work on many campaigns at the same time.

Once they the scenario for a campaign has been designed, with its steps and its different triggers, campaigns run their course automatically.

They do not require any user-intervention and are independent.

This means your teams have more time to measure KPIs on a regular basis.

Let your customers set the pace

Campaign automation is also called trigger marketing.

As this name indicates, a triggering event leads you to transition from one step of the scenario to another.

This event is customer-driven: an order; a telephone call to Customer Service; setting up an extranet account; etc.

Because the customers themselves trigger this event, they are more receptive to the message your brand will send them.

With Efficy’s CRM solutions, all of that is possible!

Measure the ROI of your automated campaigns

At first sight, automated campaigns cost considerably less than many other Marketing actions. But be careful!

A poorly constructed automation campaign can have terrible consequences: unsubscriptions; decreased deliverability rate; etc.

Hence the importance of measuring the results of your campaigns on a regular basis.

To that end, Efficy CRM provides KPIs, statistics on open rates, click through rates, etc.

Your marketing departments will be all the more efficient.