Office 365 and CRM: an obvious boost for productivity

Efficy’s CRM solutions enable you to work with your existing computer tools with complete peace of mind: save a document in Efficy CRM; link it to a customer, an opportunity or a pending request; modify a document directly from your CRM solution; etc.

The Efficy for Office plug-in allows you to fully integrate your CRM solution with Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook.

Integrating your CRM with the Office Suite: a tool for driving efficient change

The huge impact that implementing a CRM has on your company as an organisation, and on the individuals who belong to it, is well known.

Driving change internally is an important step in the implementation of your CRM project, so special attention must be paid to change management.

With the ultra-simple ergonomics of Efficy’s CRM solutions and the Office Suite integration, it is easier to secure user buy-in.

Thanks to the Office Suite integration, everyone will very soon be taking part in CRM processes, even the most reluctant!

Being able to offer this option means the CRM solution will not be viewed as something daunting which is going to oblige them to change the way they work, but rather as a tool that will integrate perfectly into the set of tools already in place.

Facilitated document management

By integrating your Office Suite with your CRM solution, you will be able to manage documents easily in your CRM solution.

No need to save your documents locally and then copy them in the CRM solution; you can save them directly from Word using shortcuts provided by the Efficy for Office plug-in.

Similarly, thanks to the integration of your document templates, you are ensured consistency across all the documents you issue and maintain an impeccable brand image, something your Marketing Department will greatly appreciate!

Priority to Customer relationship processes

Thanks to the Office Suite integration, every document, every spreadsheet, every presentation, every email can be saved in the CRM and be linked to a Customer Relationship Process.

If a prospect sends a request for information, the email is saved as a business opportunity; if a customer sends a complaint letter, it is sent directly to the Customer service.

Moreover, thanks to the data model of our solution, all these documents remain easy to find.