Document Management Software integrated with the CRM in real time

Document management, like Customer Relationship Management, is a sensitive matter for businesses, whatever sector in which they operate.

With Efficy’s CRM solutions, your documents will be centralised and accessible by all – or only by those to whom you decide to accord access rights.


Multiple entry points to your documents

We do not all have the same way of classifying documents, so the Efficy data model is a real advantage.

You can manage your documents by linking them to an opportunity, a contact, a company, an appointment, etc.

This means they will be all the easier for you to locate.

Of course, you can also find your documents via our dedicated search engine, by searching by title or by author.

Clearly defined access rights

When it comes to corporate documents, you can manage access rights at different levels: per team, per user, etc.

Access rights range from full access, to complete confidentiality, read/write rights, etc.

Simplified and centralised document management for optimal collaboration

Without a doubt, this is one of the best features of Efficy CRM! Your DMS is integrated into your CRM.

This means all your CRM users can access documents without having to switch from one application to the other.

Say goodbye to hard drives and data hosted elsewhere on the network –  all your document management is centralised and accessible with a simple Internet connection.

Sharing documents internally – and outside the organisation

If you want to share a specific document with one of your colleagues, simply link your colleague’s profile to the document and he or she will be notified automatically whenever the document is amended.

If you want to share a document with an external audience, you can use your CRM solution as a dropbox: you share a public link and can set an expiration date.

You will receive a notification when the recipients click on the link to download the document(s).

This means you can adapt to the timeline of your contacts, as opposed to imposing your own deadlines on them.