Manage your events in your CRM from beginning to end

Thanks to many features in our CRM for Marketing, organising events is easy.

From sending out the invitations to calculating the ROI at the end of the event, everything is centralised in Efficy CRM.

Tracking registrations, attendance, generating documents, sending thank you notes…

It is all there!

Send invitations

The targeting features and the management of interests mean you can ensure you will be sending invitations only to those contacts who are relevant. These invitations can be sent by email, post, or even SMS.

Monitor registrations

Registrations are handled automatically (after a contact clicks on a link in a mass email); or manually by sales teams, for example.

The status of the contact is updated in real time, and can be viewed by the entire community of CRM users. This way, it is easy to send reminders.

Validate registrations

For some events, you may want to limit the number of registrations. With Efficy CRM, you can implement a registration validation step.

The marketing or sales teams can then verify and validate the names of the prospects and deny registrations that come from competitors, for example.

Calculate your ROI

Because each marketing action is linked to the corresponding opportunities, it is very easy for your marketing teams to measure the ROI of your marketing actions.

You may come to the conclusion that an event was less profitable than expected.

When preparing the budgets, it will be easy to know what events to prioritise and which you may prefer not to renew.

Generate documents

After registering guests for the event, the Marketing teams can use document templates to generate attendance sheets or badges.