One global customer knowledge shared throughout the company

In order to break down organisational silos, it is important that everybody has access to a global view of the Customer Relationship.

With Efficy’s CRM solutions, your Sales representatives, Customer service agents, Marketers all have the same 360° view of the customer.

CRM 360: a consolidated view of all interactions

Customers and prospects contact the company via various channels, and talk to different people.

With a 360° customer view, all this information is centralised in one place, so everyone can have a comprehensive and unified view of the Customer Relationship.

All employees will be able to access the information about the contact, to see how many open requests and complaints are this person has submitted to the Customer service, to monitor ongoing business opportunities and marketing campaigns in which the customer has been targeted, etc.

A comprehensive customer view for building a personalised relationship

The ultimate goal of having a 360° customer view is to be able to offer each customer a personalised relationship.

The customer or client can talk to different interlocutors without having to repeat the same thing over and over again, and use different channels to contact the brand without any of this shared information getting lost.

Thanks to this comprehensive view, your customers will feel unique, and – as the saying goes – happy customers are loyal customers.

Fine-tuned access rights management

Having a 360° customer view does not necessarily mean that everybody can access everything.

Thanks to its fine-tuned access rights management feature, each user sees only those data which are relevant to him or her.

Confidential fields will only be accessible to those who have sufficient permissions to consult them.

With Efficy’s CRM solutions, you will have a comprehensive view of your Customer Relationship while also ensuring you are fully GDPR compliant.