Marketing features are built into the CRM solution to enhance efficiency

If your marketing and communication teams’ lead generation efforts and the subsequent analysis of their impact is to be successful, they need a reliable tool.

Efficy offers dedicated solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of your communication and operational marketing teams, to enable them to carry out effective campaigns.

Sending mass emails, organising events, improving data quality, defining fine targeting criteria, helping sales representatives nurture their leads, etc.

Thanks to the automation flows of Efficy’s CRM for marketing, you will be more efficient and productive.

The challenges of a marketing CRM solution

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    Automating and managing marketing actions

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    Analysing the behaviour of digital customers

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    Generating and tracking leads

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    Building a qualified and segmented database

Manage mass email campaigns

With Efficy’s CRM solutions for marketing, carrying out personalised mass email and SMS campaigns are quick and simple. Thanks to Efficy’s mass email solution, you can easily optimise the content of your emails and adapt it to your target audience. The solution analyses and decodes the behaviour of your customers and prospects, and delivers actionable information.

Efficy CRM can also manage your mass email targeting, routing, subscription, and unsubscription actions, thereby optimising the digital pressure exerted on your contacts.


Launch marketing automation campaigns

In order to optimise your lead generation actions and to foster brand engagement throughout the customer journey, you need to develop automatic mass email scenarios and trigger them automatically. The automation features our solution provides will improve the productivity and efficiency of your marketing teams.

Segment your database

With our marketing solution, you can use every item of data available on contact as a targeting criterion: geographical location, customer scoring, number of ongoing orders, RFM criteria, etc. You can then customise your message and make it more relevant.

Build a corporate repository

Our marketing solutions offer electronic document management (EDM) features which make sharing resources and templates easy.

To what end? So that you are telling a more coherent story, based on data which is always up-to-date.

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