Optimising construction relationships thanks to your CRM solution

For all those involved in the construction industries – whether as a public works company, an industry supplier (insulation, electrical materials, etc.), or a partner (design office, architect, etc.) – securing and carrying out a project is a lengthy, complex process involving a myriad of contacts (contractors, architects, prescribers, decision makers and influencers, institutional coordinators, private individuals, etc.).

Winning a contract is not simply a matter of knowing the contractors and their projects. It means managing the complex web of relationships among architects, design offices, contractors, general companies, etc. By collecting all the information pertaining to each work site in one place, not only does Efficy CRM let you monitor the progress of your construction sites, it also gives your sales reps and prescribers a detailed and comprehensive relational mapping.

The stakes of customer relationship in the construction industry

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    Identifying prescribers for each contract
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    Monitoring construction contracts and projects
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    Enhancing information sharing at all levels of the organization
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    Being able to access information anywhere, even when on site

Identifying key contacts for each tender is the key to success

Each tender involves a myriad of contacts and liaison people. Whether it is with prescribers or contractors, architects or design offices, interactions abound. It is essential to have a global view of these interrelations and networks to win your tenders.

Efficy’s construction monitoring software for the construction industry gives you a 360° view of the entire ecosystem of your construction projects, providing a multifunctional approach to the stakeholders (if the Mayor of a city is involved in the social housing office of the city, for example).

Monitor the progress and status of a tender from its initiation until its acceptance

Efficy CRM enables you to manage your opportunities efficiently. Because it is important to focus all commercial efforts on the success of a deal and a project, our site monitoring solution offers features specifically designed for the construction sector.

These include: being able to interface with business sources (calls for tenders, public or other contracts) and import them directly into the CRM; the implementation of validation circuits after issuing a bid; setting up dashboards for better site monitoring.

Share information with all stakeholders

Our CRM solution for the construction industry centralises all available data on a given tender.

Does your regional director want to monitor a specific contract? The collaborative features of the solution mean he can subscribe to feeds so that information comes directly to him and not the other way around.

Does your Pricing team need access to all the data whereas your sales Reps only need a partial view? With our data partitioning and fine-grained access right management features, you can choose who can see what.

Access information from your office or on site

With a CRM solution, your teams can access your contacts and all your data, even on the construction site.

Sales reps are often travelling back and forth, or in meetings: with Efficy CRM’s solutions, they can access all your CRM data from a tablet or a smartphone. Our responsive design ensures optimal user experience.

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