Manage your contacts who hold multiple positions easily in your CRM solution

Imagine one of your contacts is a Human Resources Manager for a company, CEO for another and the Treasurer of a charity.

It can be difficult to manage those contacts who wear several hats.

However, it is important to be able to take each of these positions into account throughout the customer relationship you have with this contact.


Traditional CRM solutions base the customer relationship on the contact itself – whether legal or physical – and the contact’s inherent characteristics: profile, location or preferences.

However, another dimension is critical in the customer relationship: the contact’s position in one organization. Or, to be more accurate, the positions of a contact in several organizations.

A comprehensive overview of a contact’s career

Efficy’s CRM solutions fully integrate this concept: the customer relationship is built on a contact who occupies a position at a company and/or a charity…

The customer relationship, then, is segmented based on each position of the individual, but at the same time, the CRM solution also offers a 360° view of the customer relationship at the level of the individual.

For each position, the start and end date are listed. This offers a comprehensive view of a contact’s career.

It can even happen that an individual is present at the grassroots level, independently of an organization. At Efficy, we care about every individual!

Marketing actions

The multiposition model is integrated into marketing processes in order to limit the number of communications sent to one single person via his or her different positions, or, on the contrary, to maximise the chances of reaching the contact.

If a contact whom you want to target meets the criteria several times, there is no problem. The email will only be sent to one of the his or her addresses – if that is what you want.

The same applies to your letters. Similarly, the contact’s phone number is only to be included once in canvassing actions.