KPIs for everyone

All the data of the CRM can be cross-referenced so as to offer synthetic and relevant representations both for users of the CRM and their managers.

Moreover, the data generated can subsequently be exported to Excel or PowerPoint to be used in other contexts: presentations, email attachment, data in a spreadsheet, etc.

Our reporting solutions offer all the necessary tools for generating indicators and rendering them.

Features for sharing and disseminating

Users can choose from different options for sharing their reports within the company: making them accessible online from a customised dashboard; sending them by email as PDFs or Excel tables; etc. The CRM reporting data is directly available for analysis or to be reworked, etc.
Depending on the desired level of confidentiality, certain security levels can also be applied to your reports. For instance, a sales representative will only have access to his or her own sales reporting; the representative’s manager, however, will have access to the reports of all the sales representatives in his or her team. These access rights features can also be managed at the level of the team. For example, you can define that customer service employees only have access to reports on the processing of requests.

Customised dashboards, tailored to each user’s needs

Each user has his or her own reporting tools.

Whether the user is a sales representative, a marketer or an operator, he or she has broad autonomy in the creation and use of his or her own charts.

Virtually unlimited graphic options

Each user can visualise his or her indicators with different display modes: sector, histogram, curve, simple, pivot or concatenated table, funnel, etc.

In addition to the display mode, the solution also provides filters, target lines, etc.