Leverage interests for marketing actions

The “interests” feature is used essentially by marketers.

Interests can be used to segment the database so as to personalise your communications with customers and prospects based on their profiles, as well as for cross- and up-selling purposes.

Interests in Efficy CRM

With our interests feature, segmenting your database of customers and prospects is child’s play. These interests can then be used as targeting criteria. They can concern a range of products, a specific newsletter on a given topic, etc. Whilst most interests are personal, they can also be linked to a company.

In CRM, as in life, one person can have multiple interests. This contact will then show up every time you include one of his/her interests in your targeting criteria.

Keep your interests up-to-date

There are many different approaches to keeping your contacts’ interests up-to-date.

  • A sales representative or marketer can add an interest to a Contact’s screen.
  • The interest can be populated automatically based on what the contact has visited on the website, for example. It can also be defined as a consequence of the contact’s history of purchases of a given product or family of products.
  • By the contact. Via an extranet account, the customer/prospect can sign up to newsletters or information emails that match their interests. They simply have to update their account via the extranet. They can also unsubscribe if they no longer want to receive information on a particular topic. This can be done via the extranet, or via unsubscription links included in each of the messages you send out.