SURYS develops and produces state-of-the-art optical and digital security solutions to prevent the counterfeiting of sensitive identification documents and to fight against fraud.

Creating trust is the purpose of SURYS’ solutions and the mission of its employees.

To ensure the quality of its Customer Relationship, SURYS has equipped itself with the E-Deal CRM software in acquisition mode.

To what end? To centralise contacts and manage sales opportunities as well as complaints and marketing operations.

About ten years ago, SURYS decided to offer its customers a single point of entry into the company.

This led to the group establishing a Customer Relations department, building around a multi-skill approach.

Client advisors, sales administration and logistics all work as part of one same team.

With Efficy, we want to go beyond Customer Relationship. By being valuable support for business teams, the tool contributes fully to the deployment of our global strategy.
Director of Client Relations

The obvious choice

SURYS quickly decided to launch a call for tenders for an IT solution which would centralise data and enable the company to build better customer knowledge.

In 2013, as a result of this process, SURYS chose E-Deal CRM by Efficy because this was the proposal that best met their specifications. The selling points for SURYS: user-friendliness, customisation possibilities and advanced security options.

The solution was deployed only six months after the beginning of the project. Training sessions provided by E-Deal CRM by Efficy enabled the company’s 30 users to become familiar with the CRM solution.

In order to ensure the consistency of the customer data, SURYS promotes peer-to-peer advice and sharing of good practices.

The project in numbers

  • picto
    marketing campaigns every year
  • picto
    + 2 000
    new high-quality contacts in the database

From Customer Relationship to Customer Excellence

Hugues Souparis, CEO and Founder of SURYS, states that “Whenever trust exists, exchanges can flow freely between people and across borders and society thrives.”

At SURYS, this trust is built on science, innovation and security. However, trust is, first and foremost, the key to a high-quality Customer Relationship.

E-Deal CRM by Efficy supports SURYS across the four pillars of its Customer Excellence strategy.

Contact management

Before using E-Deal CRM by Efficy, employees managed all their contacts via Outlook. Needless to say, segmenting the database was very time-consuming and led to mistakes. With a CRM solution, they were able to centralise all their data and share information. Within four years, SURYS’ database of contacts had gained more than 2,000 new contacts.

Project management

Sales representatives can access dashboards and can easily monitor their pipeline. A great number of indicators were defined so as to meet the specific needs of SURYS: by market segment, by product type, by country, by the sales representative, etc. These data offer valuable insights for management and sales teams.

Claim management

In order to uphold the previously mentioned notion of the single contact point, only the customer service can manage requests and claims in E-Deal CRM by Efficy. Since all claims are submitted by email, SURYS is particularly satisfied with the 2018 version of the solution as it offers a plug-in for Outlook..

Marketing operations management

Thanks to E-Deal CRM by Efficy, the SURYS marketing team carries out some 30 campaigns every year. Most of these rely on mass emails to invite their contacts to events.

SURYS was also able to implement perfectly-targeted customer satisfaction surveys.

The results

SURYS now has a comprehensive overview of all its customer data, ongoing projects and potential quality issues. In order to go even further, Surys is currently exploring the possibility of extending the Service interface so as to be able to generate quotes directly from the CRM solution. That is precisely what is great about E-Deal CRM by Efficy – it is modular and scalable:

  • All the contacts are centralised in one single database
  • Once all the information has been entered in the database, Sales reps have reported significant time savings
  • More finely-tuned marketing actions which have improved customer satisfaction

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