An angry customer is a danger for the company

Because of the sounding board of social media, a complaint which is not handled properly can have a very detrimental impact on the reputation of a company.

Thanks to Efficy’s CRM solution, customer service can become a complementary sales channel.


Automatic incident management: save a substantial amount of time

With the solution’s automation features, some tasks can be automated and launched automatically based on the nature of the request, the customer score, etc. Each request, each complaint is redirected to the relevant department or agent.

Similarly, when an issue needs urgent treatment, Efficy’s CRM solutions trigger an automatic appropriate process. This will considerably improve the service the company provides to its customers.

Of course, a satisfied customer becomes a loyal customer.

Extranet: a useful tool to enhance productivity

Thanks to our extranet module, you can offer your customers a platform for viewing the progress of their requests. 

This means your agents will no longer have to waste valuable time answering calls from customers enquiring about the status of their request.

Communication can be done via the extranet, and your agents can focus on solving incidents.

Customer service: teamwork at its best

Complaints, requests, incidents, etc. whatever you choose to call them, all have to be managed swiftly.

Thanks to a shared knowledge base and pre-defined templates, all your operators will be offering an identical response to the customer. If a particular customer requires more attention than another (strategic, VIP, ongoing opportunity, etc.), a notification system enables users to identify high-priority requests easily.

In addition, because customer service works as a team, a team view is also available. This way, an operator can pick from a list of pending requests and process them one after the other.

Alongside this, managers can also assign requests based on business rules: skills, language, availability, etc.

Tailored indicators

Some indicators are essential for measuring the quality and performance of customer service: number of requests processed over a given period; number of complaints processed per agent; etc.

Some customer service data can also be very useful for marketing purposes.

For example, if these indicators show a product generates a great number of complaints but only generates narrow margins, then this can inform a decision on whether or not it should be discontinued.

Multi-channel customer service

Our CRM solutions for customer service and after sales follow a multi-channel approach, thereby offering many integration approaches, in order to automate the handling of requests over different communication channels.

Whether the request is an incoming call, an email, a letter or a form submitted online, they are all are logged in the CRM to be processed in a timely and optimal way.