With Efficy CRM be GDPR compliant

Since 2018, there is a legal obligation for all companies to comply with the GDPR.

A whole range of concepts and obligations need to be respected.

Efficy offers you all the tools you need to implement GDPR strategies within your organisation: data anonymisation; data purging; privacy by design; appointing a data protection officer; etc.

Extranet portal to manage consent

With Efficy CRM, you can offer your customers, prospects, suppliers, and partners an extranet where they can manage their consent and their subscriptions to newsletters themselves.

Mass emails then take into account the preferences of your contacts so no messages will be sent to contacts who have unsubscribed or opted-out of receiving marketing emails.

This is a convenient way to stay compliant with the GDPR!

GDPR and CRM: Purge and anonymise your data in just a few clicks

In order to be GDPR compliant, the personal data contained in the CRM must have a limited lifetime.

After three years on average without any contact with a person, companies are required to delete, or at the very least anonymise, the data they have about that person.

Efficy’s CRM solutions provides a dedicated feature to for achieving this.

Data hosting in Europe

With Efficy CRM, you know exactly where your data are hosted: they do not leave Europe.

So you are in full control! This is yet another strong argument which enables you to ensure GDPR compliance.

With our expert partners, and outsourcing and hosting, your data is secure.