About B2B Learning

B2B Learning is a training organization that specializes in different areas of computer science, particularly project management and IT management.

The training center uses world-renowned methodologies and offers certifications.

They are based in Brussels, but we are active throughout Belgium, with training in various languages (French, Dutch…).

Here is a testimonial provided by Anne Carpentier, Business Development in IT & Project Management training and certification/quality auditing and consulting at B2B Learning.

Thanks to Efficy CRM, we have a general control and a complete understanding of all the processes taking place in our company.
Anne Carpentier
Trainer in IT business development, consultancy, audit and project management

B2B Learning and Efficy CRM

“When we founded our company three years ago, we opted immediately for Efficy.

We had worked on this CRM before, and we were very happy with it.

Efficy is a very flexible and easily implemented CRM, furthermore we were familiar with the tool so we had no need for training. This allowed us to get off the ground very quickly.

Another advantage is that the application is stored in the cloud, which is practical for a small business.

Thanks to the cloud, Efficy CRM is now a really flexible system that can be used by 3 to 5 users. With Efficy, there is no major upfront investment. 

The CRM allows us to manage the entire training center. We can manage all of our processes, from registration to training to participation, and even monitor quality.

Personally, I use Efficy to monitor sales. I use a lot of the opportunities, and this allows me to follow up with my clients, for example if I need to telephone one of them, or send them an e-mail…

Automatisation and CRM

“It is important to automate our business, and we are constantly trying to automate more and more. We regularly request developments from Efficy to optimize our internal processes and to work more rapidly, particularly to help us locate information when we need it.

I also use incident management, for example if an evaluation of a training session is not so good, which allows me to follow up the incident with the client.

I use the e-mail management for contacts and businesses a lot. This is a function that lots of CRMs do not offer. E-mail management for contacts and businesses is something that is very practical about Efficy CRM.”

CRM, an administrative tool

“My co-worker uses Efficy to manage the administration of the training courses:

  • Registering candidates,
  • managing training projects,
  • managing the trainers,
  • registering those who are enrolled,
  • sending confirmations, etc.

These things are really important for us, and Efficy CRM allows us to manage all our business simply.

Efficy allows us to manage our training sessions completely so that as little as possible requires manual handling, and especially to be able to locate information rapidly (for example a training project, registrations, cancellations…).

With Efficy CRM, we have comprehensive monitoring and a complete understanding of everything that happens in our company.”

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