Choose Efficy CRM for an efficient and streamlined Customer Relationship

Whatever the service you offer, the attention you pay to your Customer Relationship is essential. In the service industry more than any other, customers will judge you on the quality of your Customer Relationship.  

You can turn this to your competitive advantage.

Efficy’s CRM solutions offer all the features you need to improve your Customer Relationship: opportunity management; complaints management; marketing campaign optimisation; etc. Everything is provided to help you retain your customers and win over new ones.

The challenges of Customer Relationship Management for service companies

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    Enhancing service quality
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    Building loyalty and winning over new customers

Opportunity management for optimal efficiency

Competition is fierce in the service sector. A CRM solution is the ideal weapon for fighting this battle.

Efficy CRM combines a number of key features to help you enhance your commercial strategy: business opportunity management; up- or cross-selling opportunities; 360° customer view; etc.

Tools to launch marketing campaigns

Winning over new customers in the service sector is becoming ever-more challenging, so it is essential to have a CRM solution which offers marketing features such as event coordination, mass emails, campaigns, interest management, etc.

Your Marketing department can work independently and provide other employees with all the marketing information for better follow-up and an optimised ROI.

Your company as a whole can focus on your customers and their satisfaction.

An efficient Customer Service for higher customer satisfaction

A customer who calls the Customer Service and whose complaint is not processed immediately is liable to defect very quickly to the competition.

For this reason, service companies need a CRM solution which offers advanced customer service features:

  • management of inbound flows across all channels
  • customer relationship personalisation
  • customer service metrics and analysis

An extended CRM solution to cover all your CRM needs

In the service sector, it is sometimes important to track exactly how much time is spent on each project/customer.

Thanks to our CRM solutions, service companies can access a project management module as well as a time tracking system directly integrated with the CRM solution.

CRM references in the service sector

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