20 Minutes is a mass media present across all media platforms with 22.1 million readers per month: 10.6 million readers of the free paper; 5 million on computer; 10.7 million on smartphone; and 2.6 million on tablets.

Their commitment since the foundation of the media in 2002 is to “deliver verified and reliable information, to guarantee a relationship of trust with readers and with advertisers”.

20 Minutes is driven by two goals: increasing its audience, and boosting its audience’s engagement. In order to achieve this, 20 Minutes needed a single, unified reader database.

The challenges facing this CRM project:

  • Gaining a better knowledge of their readers: having a global and unified vision
  • Centralising information in one single, user-friendly tool
  • Promoting interactions through “gamification” mechanisms
  • Refining segmentation for marketing, for advertising and also for the journalistic content
  • Converting readers into online connected members, in order to offer an enriched/differentiated experience
Implementing Efficy at 20 Minutes forms part of a strategy to develop our relationship with our readers and micro-communities (the importance of EACH), in addition to our mass media capacity (REACH).
Frédéric Daruty
CEO of 20 Minutes France

Key facts

  • picto
    600 000
  • picto
    440 000
    bot users
  • picto
    300 000
    newsletter suscriptions

A positive assessment

Today, the 20 Minutes Group uses Efficy CRM to centralise all the data about their readers in one comprehensive database so as to: have a 360° view of their readers and members: log multi-channel interactions.

On the Marketing front, this single database allows for a more refined segmentation.

Another important element for the project was the Privacy by Design approach of the solution.

What have the results been so far?

  • Simplified internal processes
  • Enhanced information sharing among teams
  • Improved reader knowledge

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