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The technological convergence between IT and telephony is becoming a growth opportunity for all players in the telecom sector. Telephony, IT infrastructure, security, hosting, mobility, unified communication, software… B2B telecom distributors are diversifying their services and activities.

Their goal: to unleash their growth by helping companies to be better connected.

CRM allows telecom companies to reduce their attrition rate and increase customer loyalty thanks to an ultra-personalized customer relationship strategy!

Customer relationship issues for telecom companies

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    Asset management
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    Decreased attrition
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    360° Vision

Personalize your messages and increase your sales

Having all customer information in your CRM is essential for every employee in your company, whether it is for the support team that manages complaints, the administrative department that invoices subscriptions – services or the sales and marketing departments. For each customer interaction, your employees provide a quick, personalized and adapted response.

Manage your asset base and limit attrition

The Efficy CRM offer for telecom professionals is specially designed for single or multi-operator telecom distributors. You manage all your assets: mobile lines, fixed lines, fixed (PABX / IPBX) and cell phone systems, internet (ADSL / SDSL / fiber optics / VPN), licenses, monitoring equipment, copiers, etc. You are alerted when an equipment reaches the end of its maintenance contract or when a line reaches the end of its commitment.

Evaluate your performance and manage your sales force

Efficy CRM offers a perfect view of the efforts made and the results obtained by your salespeople. You measure your order intake, margin and prospects in real time. The company anticipates and adapts its decisions. You have a library of reporting and dashboards. You analyze the performance of your entire company: sales, marketing, projects, customer service, sales management.

A reliable, intuitive and easy-to-use CRM

With Efficy, teams can find all the information they need in one place and easily manage their business.

Benoit Haw, CDO – Digital Transformation, Saphelec

Some references in the telecom and network sector

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