Structure your data to deliver a differentiating service

Since 2007, the world of energy has undergone major changes: European deregulation, the end of monopolies, not to mention concerns about global warming.

Strong competition has started a price war. Operators are trying to win this war by offering high value-added services.

To achieve this, energy professionals must invest in new information technologies to exploit and enhance their data. The historical players need to know their customers better to keep them loyal and the new ones need to develop their lead generation and reinforce their commercial efficiency.

Your Customer Relations challenges for energy

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    Increase customer knowledge
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    Follow and manage maintenance contracts
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    Improve the handling of customer requests

Capitalize on customer knowledge for better service

Structure your data and increase your collective intelligence to deliver a differentiating service! Aggregate your customer knowledge with your sales performance to gain in efficiency.

Structure your data to enhance your customer experience

Efficy’s CRM for Energy & Sustainable Development allows you to centralize and structure all your data. You get consolidated information on each of your prospects and customers: from technical information to invoicing, contracts, quotes and marketing campaigns. You integrate your business tools and management tools (ERP, accounting, etc.) to gain knowledge, time and flexibility.

Anticipate needs and increase your sales

You have a global vision of your fleet (licenses, contracts and hardware). You monitor and verify hardware warranties and the validity of current licenses. You also manage your contracts and maintenance contracts. You are alerted as soon as one expires. The CRM also allows you to manage your recurring billing. Stay one step ahead of your customers, anticipate their needs and offer them the services they need at the right time

Listen to your customers to build loyalty

You automate the handling of your customer complaints by email or via your customer portal. You can manage several queues to efficiently handle the various requests of your customers: support, assistance… The CRM for Energy & Sustainable Development assigns them directly to the right person. You save precious time to be able to respond in a personalized way. You manage the performance of your after-sales service.

Structure your sales approach and industrialize your prospecting

Thanks to the CRM, sales representatives are directly alerted as soon as they need to take action. In a few seconds, they have all the data of their customers and prospects to adapt their speech. They schedule tasks to follow up at the right time. They don’t forget anyone. They simply manage their pipeline and forecast to prioritize their cases and reach their objectives.

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