Get a CRM solution for a more responsive and efficient public service

Public companies, administrations and development agencies are all responsible for addressing the requests of their target audience whether these are users, policyholders or constituents.

Their aim must be to address requests from these stakeholders in a timely and effective manner in order to enhance their satisfaction.

Efficy CRM’s solutions provide all the necessary features to help you improve the public service you provide: request traceability; e-administration; collaborative work; automated processing of requests; knowledge base; etc.

The challenges of the Customer/User relationship in the public sector

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    Enhancing service quality
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    Modernising public service to cater for new uses and practices
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    Fostering collaborative work
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    Assessing public policies

Sharing information within the administration to achieve greater satisfaction

Citizens expect the same level of efficiency from public companies as they do from private companies.

With Efficy CRM, your users and policyholders will not have to repeat their requests multiple times. The entire staff of the administration will have access to the same level of information: 360° view of the client, records of previous interactions, overall view of the customer relationship.

Our key success factor: centralising all the interactions between the public organisation and its partners.

Of course, access rights are fully configurable. Administrations can choose to restrict access to certain data.

Greater visibility of requests so as better to address them

Whoever the user – constituents or policy holders – and whatever the channel used to submit requests or claims – email, phone, in person, web survey, social networks, etc. – Efficy’s CRM solutions enable you to manage them.

Facilitated processing, compliance with deadlines, etc. – these features of Efficy CRM contribute to enhancing the “customer relationship” of public companies:

  • entering and monitoring requests
  • directing requests to the appropriate department
  • harmonising the responses provided by your operators thanks to a shared knowledge base
  • alert notification when pre-defined response time has been exceeded
  • automated processing of similar requests

Mobility, social networks, marketing: modernising public organisations

Users have become mobile, and are increasingly present on social networks. Why should public companies not do the same?

With Efficy CRM, organisations can offer their users/policyholders a number of features to make their life easier:

  • access to a self-care portal;
  • the possibility of monitoring social networks to address requests or react to messages/possible criticisms in real time.

Public organisations can develop tailored marketing strategies, as in the private sector, to share information with the general public or to measure satisfaction.

CRM References in the public service sector

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